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Rata and Roo Handmade - 4.2cm Blocks

A collection of blocks and block sets that are crafted from a 4.2cm block base. 

These blocks and sets will all work well with each other and other similarly sized blocks.

Measurements are all approximate and our handmade blocks are all hand measured, cut and sanded, there can be variation in the sizes and because they are crafted from  solid timber, there can be varying grains and colours. 

All of our dyed blocks are dyed using a non toxic, water based dye that dries water resistant. It soaks into the timber and allows the beautiful natural markings shine through. Our dyed blocks do not need a seal or oil over the top and have a very natural and grippy texture. 

During the dying process the grain on the ends of blocks can be raised leaving a more textured surface at the ends of the blocks compared to the sides, through play this will become more smooth. The texture is very good for building with.

The lead time on our handmade blocks is 5-6 weeks. Please keep this in mind when ordering. This does not include packing and delivery time.