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Little Earth Toys

Little Earth Toys are a little Australian business based in Perth, Western Australia. Each piece is hand-sanded and quality checked before shipment. The sizes, colours, and wood grain may slightly vary to those in the photos. As these toys are crafted from wood each set is unique

Little Earth Toys are designed by child development experts to create toys that foster learning through exploration, discovery, and creative play. Open-ended toys support children's development while empowering parents and educators with the knowledge and materials to set children up to become life-long learners.

Play is a child's natural way of exploring the world. It is essential for learning and stimulates brain development, exploration, discovery, and imaginative thinking. The Little Earth Toys range inspires child-directed learning through thoughtful designs, materials, and a focus on children's natural creativity and curiosity. 

Little Earth Toys are on a mission towards a more sustainable future. Committed to thoughtful processes, products, and packaging, environmentally conscious and consider the environmental impact every step of the way. All products are made ethically under a fair trade scheme and crafted from renewable and responsibly sourced international and local materials, including FSC, certified timbers.