Our handmade items are designed and crafted by us here in Melbourne.
Each piece carefully hand marked, cut, sanded and finished. Making every piece unique as they will all carry their own proof that it was created by real hands.
We only use either locally sourced or FSC certified timber and we believe strongly in taking care of the environment and using materials that are safe and sustainable for our world.
Some important information:
For our coloured items we use non toxic, water based ink stains that create a vibrant finish that still allows the beautiful grain of the timber to shine through. These stains create a matte texture on the wood making it excellent for building. The finish is also water proof (though none of our handmade items are designed for use in water or by mouthing babies) and colour from them won't transfer to hands if they do get wet. Some colour transfer through knocks and play is to be expected though, as with other wooden toy brands.
Our natural items are finished with jojoba oil, these are dried on packing but some transfer to packaging may occur.
All handmade items are recommended for Ages 3+
We are happy to discuss custom made items with you, just email us on rataandroo@gmail.com with your ideas and we can see what we can do.
Wholesale orders will be ready 3 weeks from date of order but during busy seasons this time frame may be extended.