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Arlo’s Blocks
Arlo’s Blocks
Arlo’s Blocks
Arlo’s Blocks
Arlo’s Blocks
Rata and Roo

Arlo’s Blocks

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These special blocks are hand painted by 5 year old Arlo, he is passionate and dedicated to helping out in our family business and especially loves painting blocks. We’d love to let him paint allllll the blocks but instead this is his own special product! 

Each block has been sanded by us and then he gives it his own little sand before carefully and lovingly painting it using our special dyes. He takes great care and is thoughtful with his designs! Working with dye that spreads can be tricky but they always look beautiful!


This is a very special item as it’s not only supporting a little boy and his current dream (and desire for lots of lollies!) but for each block sold Arlo is splitting the money and donating $3 to The Smith Family.


We chose The Smith Family because Arlo wanted the money to go to kids and families who need it.


Please understand that these blocks are painted completely by Arlo, they will all be different and beautiful in their own way.

You will receive either one large block or 2 smaller blocks, these blocks won’t necessarily be the same size or shape as other blocks available on our website.

Photos are an example of what you may recieve.

 From every sale Arlo will donate $3 to The Smith Family. 



*You can choose to simply make a $3 donation to The Smith Family, with this option you won’t receive any blocks painted by Arlo and the whole $3 will be donated.


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