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Gooballz - Sequins

Gooballz - Sequins

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Gooballz meshballs are a fun collectible novelty for children who love fidget toys and stress relievers.  Each Gooball includes a silicone wristband keyring clip and a carabiner to attach to a child’s backpack.

Available in Blue, Pink, Purple or Black. (colour will be randomly selected)


  • 6.5cm
  • 4 Assorted Colours; Pink, Blue, Purple & Black
  • Squeeze it to reveal the cool sequins inside

Ages 4years + due to choking hazard. These are not designed to be thrown, stomped on or squished with excessive weight.

Gooballs are slime filled balls inside mesh. When squeezed the slime ball pops out of the mesh. Because of their nature and how they are made, bursting is a possibility and if this occurs, the slime will leak. Besides this, these Gooballz are alot of fun. 

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