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Prehistoric Snap and Memory Game
Two Little Ducklings

Prehistoric Snap and Memory Game

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26 prehistoric memory cards in a drawstring bag.

Awesome to use as a memory game, matching game, snap or just as beautiful flashcards!

Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper.


Included in this pack:

2 x ankylosaurus, 2 x brachiosaurus, 2 x diplodocus,
2 x muttaburrasaurus, 2 x parasaurolophus, 2 x pteranodon,
2 x smilodon, 2 x spinosaurus, 2 x stegosaurus, 2 x triceratops,
2 x tyrannosaurus rex, 2 x velociraptor and 2 x woolly mammoth


Age: 3 Years +


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