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Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystals
Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystals
Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystals

Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystals

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The four unicorns Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Swirl live in the far away Land of Clouds. Playfully they gallop across the billowing clouds, slide down the colorful rainbow or play with the cloud crystals. Suddenly a terrible thunderstorm is brewing. On their journey to reach the sun as soon as possible, they need to collect cloud crystals. Who will help them collect the most?

Easily set up with simple instructions make it a perfect game little unicorn fans.

The game includes a game board, 4 unicorns - Glitterluck pink, Stardust yellow, Marvel Flower purple and Magic Swirl turquoise, 60 cloud crystals, a pink dice with crystal symbols, a blue dice with cloud symbols and a set of game instructions.

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